Purpose of Forum

The purpose of the quarterly forums is to highlight market trends, regulatory changes, and evolving investor expectations with respect to ensuring greater transparency and action to address structural racism and inequality. The forum will examine how business leaders, including those in the investment community, are navigating resulting changes in corporate governance, commercial strategy and risk management. Panel members will be invited from the boards and executive committees of FTSE350 and Fortune 500 companies as well as the investor community, regulators, policymakers, academia and business at large.

The Consortium of Supporters

The Global Investor Strategy and Corporate Governance Forum is supported by a consortium consisting of The Network of Networks, The Black British Business Awards, London First, The 30% Club, The 100% Club, Diversio, Portfolio Institutional and Change the Race Ratio.


25th March 2021 Video Highlights

'Levers for Change: Understanding New Investor Expectations of Companies'.

At our 25 March forum our panel discussed the practical and commercial implications of the following critical market developments:

  • How investors have reacted to #BLM and expanded their corporate engagement, including through strengthened proxy voting policies, engagement, collaborations and litigation.
  • How artificial intelligence is being leveraged by investors to maximise access to diverse deal flow, optimise returns and manage social factor risk.
  • The adverse consequences of companies failing to adopt meaningful race action plans in light of guidance from capital markets players including listing authorities, regulators, credit and rating agencies.
  • How public company boards are navigating requirements to ensure race equity through recalibrating corporate governance, human resource management, commercial strategy and risk management.
  • Use cases highlighting effective race action plans that are driving positive change.